About us

Youth Australia began as a Discord server for us as students in a youth leadership course. We found it an amazing platform for connecting and communicating, especially with online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would talk, work on assessments and encourage each other.

From this simple beginning we began to dream and slowly our dream took shape. A dream where youth ministries worldwide could connect on one single platform to share, enjoy and encourage each other. This platform would provide new opportunities to connect with youth, especially those less inclined to go to a physical youth group. In order to make this dream a reality continued to build on the Discord server and we also created a Minecraft Server (play.youthaustralia.xyz). This is an amazing platform where anyone can join, play and connect with a wider youth community!


We also started a podcast! We want to connect and communicate with everyone on a wider scale and help to encourage and build up youth. We want to with the hard questions and conversations that sometimes youth ministries or churches don't touch on.

This is Youth Australia! It began with us dreaming big and having the passion, faith, knowledge & resources to start something!

Want to learn more about how Youth Australia came about and who we are? Go check out our first podcast! We explain how it all started, why we felt led to create this and what our vision is for Youth Australia.


Come join the journey!