Our Mission

Here at Youth Australia, our mission is to:


Connect the next generation

Connecting youth with each other is our main mission here at Youth Australia. In a time where the connection is the easiest it has ever been, social media allows virtually anyone to connect, we feel that true personal communication is at its lowest. We want to effectively use technology to connect youth and encourage life-changing conversations and experiences. In a world where so many people feel alone, we want to provide platforms where people can play, share and be encouraged.


Build a worldwide youth community

Having a massive community means that people are able to connect and share with like-minded youth from around the world. The more people that connect, the more relationships can be built and the more opportunities there are for sharing the gospel.


Engaging youth groups

Youth Australia isn't just for those who don't like going to youth. It’s for everyone! Youth Groups can take advantage of the features we offer to engage their own communities while encouraging greater connection.